History in the making: Kimmer's Ice Cream

Our founder, Kimberly Yates, was once encouraged to pursue what she loved.  Kimberly is an Iowa Hawkeye, grew up in Batavia and has been savoring all things ice cream since she was a toddler. She worked in an ice cream shop all through high school and studied business and entrepreneurship in college. Her professors told her “do what you love” and she took them literally, attending Ice Cream University right after her graduation from Iowa.

She bought the former Gramps Frozen Custard in St. Charles in October 2010 and has been making ice cream history ever since. The love for our homemade ice cream grew and in 2015 we opened our second location in Wheaton! Our passion is ice cream and our community and we are here to serve you our delicious ice cream which is always "homemade with love". We have 20 flavor options always available and everyone loves our Sparkle Cones!

Kimmers strives to always hire staff locally. Hiring staff from local high schools and colleges helps us to be a better part of the community and they love being a part of their lives and being their introduction into having a job.     

Kimmer's offers fundraising events through the Kimmer's Kares program! They love being a part of the community and supporting the great work that is being done. Through Kimmer's Kares program they partner with local schools, teams, churches, and non-profits to invest in the work they are doing.

Want to know more about hosting your own Kimmer's Kares event? Reach out to our shop at630.762.9480. Did you know you can also host your child's birthday party at our shop?! It's true! We do the work and you get celebrated!