History in the making: The Finery & Blacksmith Bar

The corner of 3rd Street and Main Street in St. Charles has been a busy intersection since at least the 1880s. And the stately 3 story tower that crowns the building on the southwest corner bears witness to the importance of this section of downtown. Before the tower was built, in about 1900, this corner had been the home of Klink’s Wagon and Blacksmith Shop, and the space next to the shop, where the Finery and Blacksmith Shop Bar now stands, had been part of that business.

There is some evidence that Mr. Klink was an abolitionist, and local folklore tells that Klink’s wagon shop was a stop on the Underground Railroad for fugitive slaves. Klink’s shop had a special ramp that wagons were rolled up into when they were being repaired. This permitted easy access to the undercarriage of the wagon. But it also provided a way for wagons with secret cubbyholes in them to be unloaded inside the wagon shop, away from prying eyes. Fugitive slaves were said to be the hidden treasure in those wagon cubbyholes, and the fugitive slaves were safely hidden in secret rooms in the shop until they could be smuggled into Canada by other works on the underground railroad.

Even in the early part of the 20th century Week’s Blacksmith shop was located almost across the street from where The Finery and Blacksmith Bar are today.

So, it’s fitting that today, a Blacksmith Bar stands within eyesight of Klink’s Wagon Shop.

The Finery is an ode to the American table with its diversity and global influences. Chefs David and Juliette champion bold, flavorful and sincere cooking while sourcing the finest ingredients the region has to offer. The Finery is among the best regional American kitchens in the Midwest, all the while remaining approachable, affordable and welcoming.  With cooking experience from Mexico and the South of France, Reyes brings that passion to your table.

Some notable offerings:

  • Brunch on Sundays from 11am - 3pm - fantastic brunch dishes, bottomless mimosas, and great bloody marys
  • Live music every Wednesday - the band is different each week
  • Tasting menu that changes monthly - 3 course OR 5 course option available with wine pairings
  • Happy Hour from 4pm - 6pm - 1/2 OFF our burger and select appetizer, beer and wine specials


 or more information visit: http://thefineryrestaurant.com/