History in the making: Johnny Q's Backyard BBQ

The road on the east side of the Fox River, from St. Charles to Elgin, was not the main route between those two towns. It was actually an interstate route 430 that later became Rt. 31. But that didn’t mean the country road that became Rt. 25 was unused or unknown. Rt. 25 was a local shortcut that continued north from where Dunham Road entered into Wayne, Illinois. Rumor has it that many bootleggers during Prohibition used the Fox River to move their whiskey on its way to thirsty customers in St. Charles, Geneva, and Aurora – as well as into Chicago. And those boats unloaded on the east side of the river – away from prying eyes.

But over time, Rt. 25 became a welcome alternative to the crowded Rt. 31 highway to or from Elgin. And many small businesses sprang up along the route to serve hungry customers. Johnny Q’s BBQ continues that tradition today, serving all sorts of smoked meats, sausages and sides like fries and coleslaw. Also ribs only on Friday and Saturday.

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