A nod to the past: Crazy Fox Bar and Grill

Even today, the first blocks on either side of the Fox River Bridge on Main St. in St. Charles form the hub of our downtown district. Early photos of the 100 block of East Main show a wide selection of businesses. And more than a couple are taverns. At 104 E Main St, we can find in the early 20th Century, a tavern called “The St. Charles” and photos seem to indicate that this may have been a what is known as a “tied house” tavern. That means that a brewery, in this case, Schlitz, had an exclusive contract with the proprietor. That contract was a financial windfall for the tavern and often allowed the owner to open their business in the first place.

“Tied houses” disappeared when prohibition was enacted in 1919, so this photo probably dates to before then. Today, the Crazy Fox Bar & Grille occupies this location, and they are anything but a “tied house” to one brewer. They have more than a dozen beers on tap and 80 more “flavors” in bottles and cans. But the ambiance of the place is still cozy, warm and casual. A great place to go before a show, or just to grab a great dinner.

It might sound Crazy but owners, Peter and Daniela are living their dream after opening in January of 2017. Theater and festival goers can stop in to enjoy a libation. (or two) Plus, there is a Pickle creation you will want to savor and share.

For more information visit: http://crazyfoxbarandgrill.com/