History in the Making: DRM European Cafe & Delicatessen

St. Charles’s first settlers came to the area from places like Vermont and New Hampshire and New York. But, after the turn of the century, a lot of our settlers came from much further – from places like Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, and Germany. During the growth spurt just before WWII, settlers were arriving from all over the world. St. Charles had booming industries in everything from pianos to kitchen cabinets to hammocks and milk condensing plants.

On the west side of town, the Gartner’s Bakery staffed their store with German bakers. Their bread was famous and so were their 25c Chicken Dinners. But Gartner’s is long gone. That doesn’t mean St. Charles doesn’t continue to attract and welcome people from around the world.

The Migo family immigrated from Poland to the United States in 1984. With a suitcase in hand and big dreams for their future, they embarked on an incredible journey made possible by the sponsorship of Saint John Newman Church in Saint Charles. Dan and JoJo look forward to meeting local residents and will work very hard to provide an exceptional, warm meal and infuse the shop with all the sights, sounds, fragrances, and foods of eastern European countries.

Daniel Migo has served the Saint Charles community for several years alongside his mother providing exceptional care for the elderly through this home care agency and Halina's Senior Services. The residences of Halina's Senior Services are beautiful and private care homes situated in downtown Saint Charles. They continue to be owned and operated by the Migo family today.

Daniel's dream has always been to open an eastern European restaurant and grocery store to share with his community the culture and cuisine of his childhood experiences. Daniel is passionate about cooking and providing hospitality to others, and he has never forgotten where he came from or the generous opportunity the Saint Charles community provided for him and his family so many years ago. This is his way of giving back a piece of his culture to the community.

And so...with the help of his wife Jo-Jo, this creative and ambitious couple are excited to bring an authentic, ever-changing, and unique dining and shopping experience to the Saint Charles community.

Our mission here at DRM is simple- to provide you with a truly authentic European dining and shopping experience. We value quality cuisine and exceptional service with the goal of having you return and share your experience with family and friends. More than anything, we understand that food evokes such a special memory. We pride our cooking to be reminiscent of our Babcia's cooking. We hope that your experience here at DRM transports you to another place and time where memories of sitting around the dinner table with a family of friends and celebrating the traditions of your childhood are remembered.  We strive to provide an exceptional warm meal and infuse the shop with all the sights, sounds, fragrances, and foods of the wonderfully diverse countries of eastern Europe and beyond.

For more information visit: https://www.drmeurocafe.com/