History in the Making: Home Brew Shop

Home Brew Shop is a retail supply shop dedicated to providing raw materials, supplies, and equipment to home brewers and winemakers for the purpose of making beer and wine at home.

In addition, Home Brew Shop carries a full line of home beverage dispensing equipment and related hardware for that keggerator project. We do Co2 tank exchanges. We teach beginner beer & winemaking classes. Some of our other products include beer making books and winemaking books, soda pop kits, liquor and cordial kits, brewing spices, mother of vinegar, and varietal honey.

Old location that is currently under construction:
225 West Main Street

The building was built in 1900 and was originally a dry goods store.

Our business was established in 1990. We have been in 4 locations since then. We moved our business into the 225 West Main Street location in May of 2001 and have been there until June 2017 when we moved across the street to 9 South 3rd Street.

Temporary location:
9 South 3rd Street

This house was built in 1900 as a residence but has also been used commercially in recent years. Our other manager Mike Seaman, the owner's son, bought this house. He lives upstairs with his wife Brittany and they rent the lower half to the Home Brew Shop until our building is done being remodeled. When the construction is done, the Home Brew Shop will move back into the other building.

Harvest season is our busiest season since most of our ingredients are crops that are harvested in the fall, such as barley, hops & grapes. We will be getting fresh pressed apple cider soon, which is great for fermentation, or just drinking all on it's own. We will also be getting wine making grapes shipped to us from California and Washington in late fall.