St. Charles Scoop: Running Clubs

There are plenty of running events throughout St. Charles every day because, let’s face it, working out and running by yourself can get boring; having people to run with makes it more fun! Two of the most popular groups are great places to meet and run with people who like to exercise and socialize. The first is the Fox River Trail Runners, who run on the Great Western Trail every Wednesday night and host many other runs and races throughout the Kane County area. Another way to meet runners is through a visit to Dick Pond Athletics. Dick Pond has many programs for runners, and even if you aren’t quite a runner yet they have a run to walk program which prepares you for the transition from walking to running.

Dick Pond is also a shop full of great running gear for all levels of athlete. Glenn, the owner of Dick Pond, has done a lot for the local running community of St. Charles, and his staff is very knowledgeable and can help find the best shoe for you. The Fox River Trail Runners group as well as Dick Pond Athletics aren’t just great opportunities to enjoy runs with others: they are also perfect for you to meet new people, make friends, and socialize. No matter your skill level, both groups welcome all people who want to run. St. Charles has a vibrant running community, and both the Fox River Trail Runners and Dick Pond Athletics are great ways to become a part of this welcoming community.