St. Charles Scoop: Colonial Cafe

Colonial Ice Cream has been around for over a hundred years and was founded in 1901. Colonial started out as a delivery service for milk and eventually ice cream, they used to pack the milk and ice cream with ice that was harvested by workers and packed. Colonial has transformed over the years from a dairy business to a restaurant and attract people for breakfast, lunch, and dinner offering a wide variety menu. Their still most famous for their ice cream and the famous kitchen sink, a concoction of different ice cream and topping placed in a kitchen sink and if you finish the kitchen sink you get a bumper sticker saying, “I finished a kitchen sink” Colonial Café. The Café has moved to a new location on Randall road near the circuit court. The menu offers people many beverages, and food options with so much diversity but most people have their favorite dishes they go to whenever they go there. The Colonial Café has been a benchmark of St. Charles being one of the oldest business to exist for over a hundred years and to this day is a local hot spot that many favor. For many people Colonial Café is just more than a restaurant and café to them, it’s their favorite place in St. Charles to get something good to eat or simply to enjoy their famous ice cream which lots of St. Charles residents have fond memories of.