St. Charles Scoop: Leroy Oaks

Leroy Oaks is a beautiful forest preserve that attracts a lot of visitors every year even during the winter time. Leroy Oaks doesn’t just play home to visitors it’s also the home of high school cross country races during the high school season and is a place many people flock to for wedding photos, prom photos, family photos, and simply to enjoy nature. The barn at Leroy Oaks is a landmark many people know of quite well, it’s the most popular spot for people to take photos of groups or individuals, the forest preserve also sees lots of runners, walkers, and bikers. Leroy Oaks is maintained by the forest preserve crew and they do controlled burns, clear out ruts of logs, and keep the forest preserve nice and clean for many to enjoy. Another big attraction in Leroy Oaks is the creek where many people like to visit in the summer whether it’s to play in the creek on sit on the bank of the creek and enjoy a book or enjoy some family time. Leroy Oaks is a great place to visit to get away from the day to day grind as a place to go to and unwind and enjoy all of it’s beauty. Leroy Oaks is also located near the great western trail which is a path that goes for miles and miles that starts near the parking lot and is a variation of crushed limestone and pavement that many people enjoy for walks, runs, bike rides, and even sees people practicing skiing during winter. As summer is in full swing there is nothing better than to go enjoy all  that Leroy Oaks has to offer whether you plan to go play in the creek or take a nice walk along the paths. Of course, on a day like today is a great day to play in the creek.