Letter from the Board: One Board Member's Reflection

By David Pietryla, Board Vice President

Since joining the Board of Directors over a year ago, I have seen and participated in many fantastic Museum milestones and events. From our wildly-successful 85th Anniversary Celebration and Membership Drive, the Taste of St. Charles Foodie Fest, to our recent decision to embark on an important (and needed) strategic plan, these tremendous accomplishments make me proud to play a role in the Museum's governance and direction.

I’ve always believed, and will continue to believe, that the Museum is one of the great influential civic organizations of our community. As I regularly reflect on our work, it solidifies, for me, this belief and reinforces my commitment to the Museum’s work and mission. Reflection also reaffirms for me that the Museum is not merely a building, idly standing downtown, but a living thing, really. A force that influences how people see and feel about St. Charles. The Museum is the keeper of St. Charles’ history, which is to also say the keeper of its soul.

What a great responsibility we have as directors, to influence and assist in the steering of this great ship – the keepers of our civic identity. If the preceding year is any indication, the Museum’s Board and staff are on the proverbial right track. The Museum is well governed. It’s growing, it’s engaging, it’s preserving and, most importantly, sharing the essential stories that make up the greater St. Charles story.

As St. Charles’ history is well kept, its future is also bright. The Museum will continue to be an important source of pride for me. It’s important that this fact remain – for me and for St. Charles.