Leave a Legacy, and Make History!

The Museum relies on the generosity of its members and supporters throughout the community. We are continually grateful to the individuals and families who have established Planned Gifts over the years, leaving a legacy that has benefitted the Museum both during and after their lifetime. Their philanthropy and goodwill symbolizes a deep and lasting commitment to the Museum's continued growth and stability….

Give Online

Leave your mark on history by supporting the Museum with an unrestricted donation at any level. Gifts can be made in honor or memory of a loved one, and can be set up as one-time or recurring donations. 

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The beauty of a Planned Gift is that it benefits the Museum as well as the donor. Planned Gifts can come in all shapes and sizes. No matter the amount, they create a meaningful impact that resonates for
years into the future.

Donors who care about the Museum can show their financial support in ways they might not have thought possible and sometimes significantly enhance their own financial situation through a variety of tax incentives.

Give Now or Later?

A generous outright gift of cash can be the simplest to arrange and will allow the Museum to meet immediate goals and needs. It may, however, be preferable to defer a gift until after the donor’s lifetime, arranging it through an estate. These Planned Gifts are critically important to the Museum’s long-term financial strength, helping ensure its ability to meet future opportunities and challenges.

Types of Gifts

Wills, Bequests, and Trusts: A bequest to the museum through your will or trust provides a legacy to benefit future generations.

Stock & Securities: Do you own long-term stocks that you are ready to sell and you also want to make a gift to the museum? You can transfer the stock directly to the museum. But, if you have stocks that have declined in value, it’s often smart to sell the stocks first, then donate the cash proceeds.

Giving Information

The St. Charles History Museum is a 501(c) 3 and all charitable donations are tax deductible.  

Donors who wish to claim a tax deduction should consult their income tax advisor or the Internal Revenue Service website in order to understand the proper procedures and consequences.

All gifts Should Be Made To:

St. Charles Heritage Center

 FEIN #: 51-0168405

 Illinois Sales Tax Exemption #: 9962-1622-05