St. Charles History Museum Receives Grand Victoria Riverboat Grant

The St. Charles History Museum is proud to announce that we are the recipients of an $52,500 grant from the Kane County Grand Victoria Riverboat Fund. This grant will go towards redesigning our exhibit hall and technology upgrades.

The St. Charles History Museum is grateful for the Kane County Grand Victoria Riverboat Fund's grant and the opportunity it presents. The awarded grant enables the Museum to continue the exhibit hall redesign project begun in the spring of 2015 under the direction of Museum Director Alison Costanzo.

This announcement comes on the heels of the St. Charles History Museum's rebranding, including a brand new logo and website, as well as updates to the permanent exhibit and a brand new temporary exhibit space. 

Thanks to the hard work of Museum Assistant Brigid Leavy and Director Alison Costanzo, the Museum is excited to have this opportunity to continue updating and modernizing the main exhibit space.

We hope that the exhibit hall redesign at the St. Charles History Museum will meet with St. Charles community approval as we continue to strive to preserve and present our community's history.

About the St. Charles History Museum:

Founded as the St. Charles Historical Society in 1933, the St. Charles History Museum has been collecting, preserving, and presenting St. Charles history ever since. Located in the historic McCornack Oil building on Main Street, the Museum features a permanent exhibit of St. Charles community history, seasonal temporary exhibits, and a collection of over 10,000 photographs and 15,000 artifacts.

About the Kane County Grand Victoria Riverboat Fund:

The Grand Victoria Riverboat Fund was established by the Kane County Board in 1997 under an agreement with the Elgin Riverboat Resort (Grand Victoria Riverboat). The agreement provides for an annual contribution to the county equal to 7.5% of the riverboat’s annual net operating income. The Kane County Board utilizes Grand Victoria Riverboat funds to support a variety of projects and programs aimed at strengthening Kane County communities, promoting collaboration among area organizations, and providing long-term solutions to current problems facing Kane County residents.

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