We are committed to presenting St. Charles history throughout the year with both a permanent exhibit and multiple temporary exhibits.

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The St. Charles History Museum's permanent exhibit is currently undergoing a redevelopment thanks to a generous grant from the Grand Victoria Riverboat Grant and the hard work of our dedicated staff and volunteers. The first phase of the new permanent exhibit is currently being designed.

Current & Upcoming Exhibits

The St. Charles History Museum features temporary exhibits displayed along the left hand wall of our main exhibit area and in the three large windows facing Main Street.  Below is our schedule of current and upcoming exhibits.



As World War II took over Europe and Asia, the U.S. government prepared for the possibility of becoming involved by enlarging its military, strengthening relationships with its allies, and converting America’s industries to producing war materials instead of civilian goods. “Conversion” was the key issue in American economic life from 1940-1942.  Many local companies converted to military production during this time period.   

During the war, many St. Charles residents enlisted in the Armed Forces. Those who stayed at home did their duty by working in  local factories, buying war bonds, and conserving for the war effort.  St. Charles industries also did their part by changing their factories to manufacturing for the war effort, including the Howell Company, St. Charles Manufacturing Co., Operadio, Hawley Products, and Howard Aircraft.  Each company, with its unique skills and products, produced military materials that would go on to help strengthen the U.S. and its Allies and would eventually help win the war.