We are committed to presenting St. Charles history throughout the year with both a permanent exhibit and multiple temporary exhibits.

Permanent Exhibit - Under Construction!

The St. Charles History Museum's permanent exhibit is currently undergoing a redevelopment thanks to a generous grants from the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley and Grand Victoria Riverboat Grant and the hard work of our dedicated staff and volunteers. The first phase of the new permanent exhibit is currently being designed.

Current & Upcoming Exhibits

The St. Charles History Museum features temporary exhibits displayed along the left hand wall of our main exhibit area and in the three large windows facing Main Street.  Below is our schedule of current and upcoming exhibits.

game changers: Sports in St. charles

APRIL 1, 2017 - AUGUST 12, 2017

Game Changers: Sports in St. Charles curated by our intern Amanda Helfers showcases the many different sports and athletes that are distinct to the St. Charles community. The history of sports in St. Charles is not just about the sports, but it also touches upon the community and the culture behind them.

Belgians brought incredibly unique sports, like rolle bolle, to St. Charles in 1895 and these sports continued to be a part of the community for many years. Other popular sports, like football or baseball, have been a significant part of the community and culture as well since St. Charles’ existence.

The distinct athletes from St. Charles who were able to make it into the big leagues have taught the future generations to dream big and never stop until you are where you want to be. In a video series at the end of the exhibit stories, memories, and culture surrounding a certain sport has been put together.

These stories come from the men and women athletes who were willing to share their story with you

Sports Photographs from the Archives