Are you a teacher or educator in the community looking for a way to present local history to your class? Book a program at the St. Charles History Museum!

We want all children to experience the St. Charles History Museum as a fun and welcoming place where they can learn in a way that is meaningful to them. We emphasize the critical thinking skills students use as lifelong learners and so our programs are designed to be engaging, participatory, and interdisciplinary.  This means that your tour will not be a history lecture.


2nd Grade to 8th Grade (45 mins - 1 hr)

In this program, students participate in a history hunt at the Museum to learn about the artifacts in the Museum’s permanent exhibit and a presentation to discover what these artifacts tell us about life in St. Charles and the surrounding area in the past.

Program Fee: $3 per student, chaperones and teachers are welcome at no additional cost. 


Please contact us to schedule your program at least 2 months before the desired date. Program slots are available on a first come first serve basis and fill up fast!

The St. Charles History Museum is an accessible facility for every school and every student. Please indicate any special needs your students may have so that we can accommodate them.


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