Since 1834 St. Charles has been the Pride of the Fox. Through exhibits, educational programs, articles, and social media we strive to share the important stories and fun facts about
St. Charles' rich history with residents and visitors alike.


Upcoming Exhibit:

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: The Boys School of St. Charles

Opens Saturday, October 26

Our next temporary exhibit, The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: The Boys School of St. Charles, will explore the history of the local reformatory school and its impact on the boys who attended it. In 1902, the Illinois State Home for Delinquent Boys (today existing as the Illinois Youth Center) was established by John “Bet-a-Million” Gates, Samuel Allenton and Henry Weaver.

These men believed that delinquent young boys could be rehabilitated and reintegrated back into society. Instead of locking them in a cell for punishment, boys sent to the school experienced a home-like setting and focused on schooling, hard work, and discipline. Learn More…

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